Euclid Investment Advisory manages money for and in partnership with our clients.  We also provide more broad financial planning and insurance services as well, upon request.  The more information we know about our clients, the better we can serve them and be on the lookout for strategies that are appropriate for their particular situation. 

Euclid is the investment manager to the National Employers Retirement Trust (NERT), a pension design and administration firm.  Through this relationship, Euclid can assist our business owner clients (from a sole proprietor through a 250-person company) with making sure that they save the maximum amount possible on their taxes as well as to make certain that all contributions to their retirement plans are most efficient.  Through NERT, we also work with plan trustees to make certain that they know both the full range of plan provisions available as well as the full range of investment options truly available to them, without the artificial and sometimes significant limitations often imposed by a brokerage firm or mutual fund company.

Euclid’s core portfolio is the Purchasing Power Portfolio, first published in March, 2009.  The Purchasing Power Portfolio is an investment response to the utter failure of Modern Portfolio Theory and traditional asset allocation.  We post real-time updates to the portfolio through this blog.


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